Sam Amidon

King Speechy - Audio Materials Relating To My Novel-In-Progress Vinyl LP

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A highly limited-edition release of this "fictional album" tracing the wanderings and travels of King Speechy through the universe. This album is only available in this form, with no digital release. Truly & verily a collectors item ! ! ! When they're gone they're gone.

**Limited to 100 copies!

Track Listing

1 Welcome / Depp U / Who Took Your Outline
2 Afternoon Circle
3 Invoice
4 Walnut Circle / Burp Squared / Notes on a Smudging
5 Blue
6 Donkey Plane Squinky
7 News From Wounded Animal Solutions
8 Baby Ballast
9 November Notebook
10 ZZ Champny
11 What He Believes
12 Jimi Poem
13 Oxidalyo / Lost Book
14 Short Play